15 Best “Gutenberg Blocks” Plugins For WordPress (2019)

WordPress launched their long-awaited Gutenberg editor. This editor replaces the previous TinyMCE editor and brings a totally new way of creating content with lots of features.

With the new Gutenberg editor, each part of your content is a block. You can add or remove blocks in your content. In simple words, Gutenberg editor is more like a page builder where you can drag and drop different blocks in your content.

Speaking of blocks, the Gutenberg editor provides many different blocks such as paragraphs, heading, image, cover, columns, quote, and more. Each block has its individual editing options available.

The best part about Gutenberg is that developers can create their own block plugins for content. These plugins will enhance the functionality of Gutenberg. For example – you can add ‘Testimonial’ to your content using such block plugins. The possibilities are endless with these different plugins.

In this post, I’ll show you the 10+ Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins that will extend the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor and allow you get the best out of this new editor.

Best “Gutenberg Blocks” WordPress Plugins

Here are the best Gutenberg plugins that I’ve collected to help you enhance your Gutenberg editor and bring more blocks.

  • Ultimate Blocks
  • Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg
  • Otter Blocks
  • Atomic Blocks
  • Advanced Gutenberg
  • Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks
  • Kadence Blocks
  • CoBlocks
  • Qubely
  • Getwid
  • Easy Blocks
  • Blocks by Templatic
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Editor Blocks for Gutenberg
  • Bokez
  • Google Maps Gutenberg Block

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first plugin.

1. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks offers a handful number of custom Gutenberg blocks which are specially designed for bloggers and content marketers. It helps you to create better and engaging contents with Gutenberg Editor.

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